David Clutterbuck: Coaching - The inside story

One day workshop


2014 Visiting Expert Series

NZCMC is proud to present our 2014 Visiting Expert Series with international authority on coaching and mentoring evidence based practise, Professor David Clutterbuck.

Coaching - The inside story

What every organisation should know about taking your coaching strategy to the next level.

Coaching and mentoring are evolving rapidly, driven in part by a growing evidence base of what does and doesn’t work. In this intensive and challenging workshop, David will draw upon this evidence base to explore a range of challenges for coaches and for the organisations that use coaching and mentoring.

This intensive, five hour workshop is aimed at all those who want to make a difference to their organizations. 

  • Why it’s so difficult to achieve a coaching and mentoring culture — and how a systemic approach can make the difference
  • Why a heavy emphasis on SMART goals is so often dysfunctional and distorts the coaching and mentoring dialogue
  • The rise of new applications and roles for coaching and mentoring — such as ethical mentoring, imagination coaching and the professional mentor 
  • What does it mean to be truly mindful as a coach or mentor? -- new concepts about effective listening and powerful questioning
  • The concept of “coach maturity” -- the four mind frames that coaches evolve through to achieve mastery 
  • Redefine what we mean by coaching culture, to meet the needs of different businesses
  • Aligning employee ambitions and strengths with those of a coaching culture
  • The four key conversations that underpin a more flexible, dynamic approach to coaching culture management
  • How to engage top management in leading these critical conversations
  • How to measure the effectiveness of a coaching culture

This fast-moving, heavily evidence-based and informative workshop will offer an opportunity for you to bring for discussion the major challenges your organization faces in growing a coaching culture. 

Professor David Clutterbuck

David Clutterbuck is the master of the BDQ (Bloody Difficult Question) – questions that challenge leaders to think about what they do and why.  Author of more than 50 books, he brings a wealth of international practical experience and leading edge research to developing leaders at the top.  Visiting professor at two universities, he works across the world, stimulating top teams to become role models for learning and to examine how they can raise their collective performance.

Based on hundreds of research interviews, David brings cutting edge perspectives from leaders in coaching and mentoring to the evolving of an organisational coaching and mentoring culture.  A successful entrepreneur in his own right, David makes serious management topics accessible through humour, story and provoking perspectives.  He is regarded as a leading global authority on coaching and mentoring, and on Board behaviours.  He has been listed amongst the most influential thinkers in human resources and top business coaching in UK.

David's latest book Beyond Goals, explores why a heavy emphasis on SMART goals is so often dysfunctional and distorts the coaching and mentoring dialogue. 

Every year David takes on a major new learning challenge – from sky-diving to mountaineering, learning to be a masseur and stand-up comedy.

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