Code of Ethics and Standards

Code of Ethics and Standards

The New Zealand Mentoring Centre associate mentors adhere to our Code of Ethics and Standards.


Associate Mentors will work respecting individual and cultural differences of the mentee (including race, colour, disability, ethnic group, culture, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, religious or political beliefs)

Mentors will hold the safety and care of the mentee as prime importance, and take responsibility for their own wellbeing.


Mentors will maintain their competence through regular supervision, and through an ongoing professional development plan and commitment.

Associate Mentors will work within the limits of their knowledge, training and experience.

Associate Mentors will determine in consultation with the mentee the appropriateness of the mentoring pairing. Associate Mentors will have a range of referral resources at hand.

Associate Mentors in conjunction with their supervisors shall monitor and maintain levels of emotional, mental and physical health that enable the provision of an effective and safe service.


Associate Mentors will explain the extent and limits of confidentiality during the contracting phase of the mentoring partnership.

Associate Mentors will maintain strict confidentiality in all communications with the mentee and will work to protect clients' identities.

Issues raised within a mentoring partnership may be discussed within the boundaries of the Associate Mentors supervisory requirements

Associate Mentors will use professional judgement and consult with their supervisor when they need to make an exception to the commitment to confidentiality, in the following circumstances: when there may be serious danger to the client or others, when legal requirements are enforced in responding to a complaint.

Associate Mentors will ensure that the confidentiality guidelines continue beyond the completion of the mentoring partnership.

Roles, contracting and note taking

Associate Mentors will work to a contract, negotiated with the client, which protects and provides clarity to the partnership.

The mentor works within a framework where the mentee maintains responsibility for their own professional decisions and actions.

Associate Mentors will strive to make explicit their role and relationship within the mentoring partnership and will set and monitor the boundaries required when other potential multiple relationships arise.

Associate Mentors will be transparent with their mentees with any previous acquaintance with the client or other circumstances that prejudice the mentoring partnership. Associate Mentors will not exploit clients for personal, professional, political or financial gain.

Associate Mentors will not engage in romantic or sexual activity with their clients.

Associate Mentors will make reasonable efforts in conjunction with the mentee to develop alternatives if the mentoring partnership is interrupted by changes in circumstances.

Associate Mentors will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all records and notes taken in regards to a mentoring partnership will remain secure and confidential. Such records are for the use of the mentor and go no further than the mentoring partnership.