Patti Gwynne Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Senior Leadership Coach

Patti has been mentoring and coaching since 2001 and is a Senior Associate with the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre. She works with CEO's, senior managers and emerging leaders wanting to step up to the development of Leadership competencies to enhance their personal growth and strategic thinking. Patti utilises her own experiences in Senior leadership roles and understands the challenges and often lonely space that senior leaders occupy. Her expertise and passion has developed specifically around Coaching for ‘Resilience' and 'Wise Leadership'.

She co-owned a successful IT company in the Primary Health Sector in Australasia which grew over 10 years from 5 staff members to 40 and serviced over 700 clients, when it was sold in December 2000.


Patti trained as a Registered Nurse. She holds a Diploma in Community and Social Work and is a graduate of Coach U International University. Patti has been awarded the credential of Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. 

Professional Development

Patti has been actively involved in the International Coach Federation (Australasia) for six years. She served on the Executive of the Auckland Chapter of the International Coach Federation (Australasia) and has been a Board Member of the ICF (Australasia) for five years. Patti served as President and Chair of the ICFA Board in 2009.

She is actively involved in New Zealand and Australia in spearheading the need for Coaches to have Supervision.