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15 March 2011 by Loretta Brown

Henry Mintzberg " (2009) "Managing" Berrett Koehler. USA

A well overdue tribute to the busy manager...

15 December 2010 by Aly McNicoll

According to a recent Chartered Institute of Personnel Development survey in the UK, most coaching is delivered by managers, but NZ organisations we talk to are struggling to get managers to play this vital role. This article identifies common barriers to managers coaching and suggests common-sense solutions to overcome them.

15 September 2010

We would like to introduce Jan Robertson who has recently joined NZCMC as Senior Associate. Jan is well known internationally for her expertise in developing leadership and coaching models. Jan has previously focused her attention on educational leadership and is now engaged in leadership development and coaching culture change interventions across all sectors.

11 August 2010

The New Zealand Computer Society have launched a year long mentoring programme for their members in the ICT community.

The programme was launched in Wellington on 29 July with a training day for mentors in the region.

Wendy Baker, NZCMC director, trained 25 Mentors for the programme and focused on ways they could support their Mentee in finding their own way to achieve their career goals. Following the training, Mentees were invited to join the session and meet their Mentor for the first time, over a glass of wine.

7 August 2010

Keep an eye on team spirit

A survey done recently by Robert Half found that chief financial officers thought the greatest lesson they learned during the recession was the importance of office morale. But what is morale, and how is it built?

Patti Gwynne, director and principal coach of NZ Coaching and Mentoring Centre, says low morale means feeling not engaged.

16 March 2010

The NZ Coaching & Mentoring Centre are excited to be key sponsors of the Aotearoa New Zealand Supervision Conference 2010 - "Common Threads, Different Patterns".

This is an inter-professional conference that will attract a wide range of health and social service professionals including Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Career Practitioners, Managers, Allied Health Professionals, Coaches and Mentors.

Key note speakers include Meg Bond from the UK, author of Skills for Clinical Supervision for Nurses.

16 March 2010

NZCMC have been selected for the 3rd year running to present a workshop at the 2010 American Society for Training & Development International Conference in Chicago in May which is the Trainer's equivalent of the Rugby World Cup.

10 March 2010

NZCMC director & principal coach, Patti Gwynne, will moderate a roundtable discussion at the 2010 New Zealand CFO Summit.

The CFO Summit will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact and reflect over the key issues challenging them and their organisation. With 8 roundtables to choose from, topics will be led by industry experts and participants will be encouraged to add their own ideas, ask questions and share challenges.

9 March 2010 by Loretta Brown

A common challenge for leaders (and coaches of leaders) is talking too long. When we are passionate and knowledgeable, it can be easy to say too much and “go on about it”, sadly losing our audience and potential supporters. It can help to be reminded to tweak our communication skills, whether we are talking with one other person or with larger audiences. Becoming more aware can be all that is needed to have more impact.

If a leader asks three questions before meeting with others then executive impact will soar:

28 September 2009


Wendy Baker recently delivered the opening key note address entitled Mentorship - making the most of mentoring -at the 2009 2nd Symposium for Early Childhood Associate Teachers in Auckland at the Auckland University of Technology. This symposium is a day of professional development and appreciation for their associate teachers provided by Tamaki Makaurau Early Childhood Teacher Education Providers Network