Redundancy Coaching

Support for Senior Leaders in a role that has been disestablished

Being in a very senior role does not protect executives from role disestablishment or redundancy. It is an increasingly common occurrence.

I went from down-in-the-dumps grumbling over having to go grovel for a new job, to forgetting all that.

There are many reasons for redundancy:

  • When CEO’s and board differences become irreconcilable

  • When a new CEO is appointed and they want to form a new team around them

  • When a function is combined or disestablished

  • When basic cost cutting means the role is removed from the executive team

  • When technology requires a different skillset and approach to traditional roles

    At a simple level it can be because of a contrasting personality and approach of top players around the table.

Senior executives need a different and more relevant level of support to their needs. They have served the organisation at the highest level and require specific expertise to help adjust, refocus and also to have a gracious departure from the role that is ending. They don’t need basic level career coaching!

Redundancy at the senior level can be devastating and a blow to confidence. It can be taken very personally. But our experience demonstrates that the process can be a real turn around, an opportunity to refresh. We observe leaders finding a new focus that reflects their values more and that is the opportunity they may not have taken if they were not pushed.

The best organisations are keen to support their top people in the transition out of senior roles. These people often remain in the same industry and may even return to the organisation in future.


Loretta's coaching provided an incredibly optimistic, stabilising influence after abruptly leaving as CEO after 15 years in the role. In one session (literally!) I went from down-in-the-dumps grumbling over having to go grovel for a new job, to forgetting all that. Loretta re-framed my perspective, encouraged me to follow my dreams, and assured me that I wouldn't end up homeless! In fact, assured me that I'd probably end up being successful, and maybe starting this new opportunity would be one of the best things that ever happened to me. She was right! If you're thinking the worst is gonna happen...go see Loretta! 

Craig Morrison, Ex CEO, Southern Cross Travel Insurance