The success of any organisation is dependent on high functioning senior leadership teams.  Team coaching ensures that groups of competent individuals can function powerfully as a top team. 

A surprising finding of the research is that teams do not improve markedly even if all their members receive individual coaching to develop their personal capacities…. High functioning teams is not an additive function of individuals becoming better team players, but rather an entirely different capability” Wageman et al 2008

Do people in your team meet outside the room in small factions?
Does the senior leadership team just say yes to the CEO?
Does the team drown in reporting and data and lose direction?
Do people turn up late and spend most of the meeting on screens?

The entire organisation will benefit from high functioning senior leadership teams. Wise teams enlist the support of competent facilitators at strategy days, team alignment and regular leadership team meetings.

Team coaching for the leadership team will:

  • Develop team charters for effective teamwork

  • Solve communication blocks and reduce internal competition

  • Identify and harness the differences in the team

  • Decipher upsets and get back into alignment

  • Ensure the top team is working strategically

  • Achieve and innovate beyond the everyday business demands

Activate your top team’s potential…

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