Loretta Brown B.A., MSW (Hons)
NZCMC Director & Lead Coach

It is simple.
Better leader: better world.

With vast experience as a specialist executive leadership coach, I know the unique set of challenges faced by women who are executive leaders. I have an unrivalled understanding of the realities of being in a leadership role and have had the privilege to get inside the head of executives in coaching for more than two decades.

And I have an edge. I am a quiet radical. I am not about business as usual.

I help leaders break free of outdated modes of leadership, and break new ground. I get results because I help you to tap into what matters most. When you pass your own limits - the wider world reaps the rewards of a leader who has dared doing something different.

But I am not naive. I know the limitations and the blocks you face on an everyday basis.

Together we focus on you feeling less buffeted by things coming at you. We will ensure you develop a calm center from which to make courageous and independent decisions.

Working with me you will not be able to keep burning yourself to a crisp from perfectionism, old assumptions and outdated expectations.

Together we will step out of “normal” ways of doing things. We will find the new solutions that feel much more resonant to you and keep you pleased with your life and work. You will work from your essence again!

“In every age, there are those who are inspired to imagine and initiate improvements to their world that change the course of history.” Dr Jean Houston

“To start small fires in the darkness, until they spread and the whole world is alight with a better vision of what we could do with our businesses.” Charles Handy


Selected recommendations from women making change happen:

"I highly recommend Loretta, Having someone to talk to who could help me reflect on my leadership and plan approaches to some of the challenges I faced was hugely beneficial. As a new CEO I really appreciated her reassurances and guiding approach. Loretta had a great ability to help me unravel an issue to reveal the core components and then package it back up as a planned course of action."
Claudine Young | CEO | Canteen

"Loretta has step changed my development as a female executive.  She is supportive of the pressure within my role and life, whilst challenging me to be true to myself and my aspirations.  Loretta is easy to be open with.  Not judging but pushing just the right amount, to progress thinking.  I am a more confident and balanced leader as a result of her coaching and I highly recommend the investment in your development."
Wendy Raynor | GM Marketing | Coca-Cola Amatil

Loretta played a major role in setting me up for all this success. I happily tell anyone that will listen about some of the epiphanies I had in our coaching sessions  and how they really shaped my outlook in a profound and permanent way.  So thank you Loretta, I'm truly grateful!
Catherine Vaughen | Business Unit Director | AstraZeneca

"Loretta provided an environment where we could have open & honest dialogue about my leadership journey. I felt that she genuinely cared and it was easy to discuss a range of topics, in which she utilised thoughtful and insightful examples relevant to our conversations. The tools & techniques that Loretta suggested at the start of our coaching journey – that at the time I couldn’t envisage myself using – have now become second nature. I feel that I’m now both a more confident and considered leader as a result of my coaching with Loretta and I look forward to working with her again at some point in the future"
Kathryn Haworth | General Manager Strategy | Lotto NZ