Leader Connect Groups

  • Submitted on 11 February 2015

 When you've got a team depending on you for answers, where do you go to get some of your own? Leader Connect Groups combine the benefits of coaching with the power of peer-to-peer learning.

Loretta Brown, our principal coach and leadership expert, is offering facilitated leadership coaching groups for women.

Loretta will match women from similar levels in non-competing organisations to form groups of three to five. These groups will meet regularly (in person and online) to discuss real life leadership issues, share their stories, grow great ideas and build significant peer relationships with others in similar roles.  Each group will be facilitated by a highly experienced leadership coach to ensure they are excellent value for time.

Leadership can't be taught in a classroom - it is learnt through dealing with real life challenges with others at the same level. Small interactive groups become a hot house of leadership ideas, harnessing the knowledge and experience of the people in the room.

The next groups will start in early March – NZCMC are delivering a Master Class on leadership at the Women In Leadership conference in Auckland mid February. 

Contact Loretta today to talk about whether this may be what you are looking for.