11 October 2008 by Wendy Baker, 11 October 2008 by Aly McNicoll

Originally published in Employment Today Magagazine

A good mentoring programme has many benefits, but you must get it right, say Wendy Baker and Aly McNicoll. They outline five keys to ensuring your programme works.

7 October 2008 by Wendy Baker

A survey of what mentoring and coaching is happening in NZ organisations was carried out by the New Zealand Mentoring Centre Ltd (NZMC) from June 2006 - April 2007.  There were 135 respondents from organisations across a range of sectors: private (46%), public (37%) and not-for-profit (17%).  Respondents also reported that there were a range of mentoring types in their organisations with the majority being one-to-one (63%), 20% peer or group mentoring and the balance programme mentoring.

7 October 2008

Australian health-care provider Queensland Health is rolling out the New Zealand Mentoring Centre training course The Power of Peer Supervision to 2000 employees in 2 districts over 5 years.

3 October 2008

In June New Zealand Mentoring Centre directors Aly McNicoll and Wendy Baker travelled the USA to present a workshop at the  ASTD 2008 International Conference in San Diego on 'The Power of Peer Mentoring Groups - tools for learning in the connected organisation'.

This conference attracted 12,000 delegates, and as workshop leaders they are standing alongside Ken Blanchard, Marshall Goldsmith and a host of other leadership legends.