Coaching Strategy

Align coaching with your core business strategy

To make the most of your coaching investment, research shows that you need to integrate coaching interventions across levels and align them with core business goals.

We work with organisations to develop a coaching strategy that flows from the top team to the front line. Because we offer a full range of services, you are able to work with one provider to ensure the message is consistent and the language used is the same whether you are a senior leader or a front line supervisor.

We can assist you to

  • Check organisational readiness by conducting a coaching culture assessment

  • Develop a strategy to build a coaching culture and integrate coaching interventions

  • Train managers to coach

  • Cascade coaching throughout the entire organisation using peer coaching groups

  • Train and certify internal coaches to play a significant coaching role within the organisation

  • Provide expert coaching to senior people through our team of executive and leadership coaches

  • Build coaching in to your leadership development programmes

  • Provide team coaching to your top team.

We start by talking to you about your goals for a coaching strategy and then develop a plan to build your internal capability to deliver world class coaching and mentoring interventions in house.


Westpac had a successful coaching academy and was confident in its ability to provide internal coaching for staff. They were also aware that there had been a variety of mentoring initiatives throughout the business, some of which had fizzled and died through lack of support over the years. NZCMC worked with the learning and development team to develop a strategy for mentoring within the organisation. All those who had a stake in mentoring within the organisation were called together for a half day ‘deep dive’ session to share what mentoring activities were happening (past and present), discuss what had been learnt so far about sustaining mentoring within the organisation, envision what difference mentoring could make and to whom, then develop a feasible strategy for mentoring within the organisation for the next 3 - 5 years. A pilot project was chosen to provide a focus for mentoring so that the real value of mentoring to the organisation could be ascertained and the concept promoted.