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Coaching Leadership Programme

Smart managers build their teams and organisations with a coaching approach to leadership.

Leadership specialists and coaching experts Jan Robertson and Loretta Brown join forces to bring you a simple and powerful approach that brings leadership back into everyday work.

This opportunity challenges current management thinking and provides you with practical and proven approaches that will help you forge new ways of leading that will make a big difference. This is not a coaching skills workshop; you already have lots of good skills. In this interactive and inspiring programme you will:

  • Get clear on the power of a coaching approach to leadership for getting results and building a strong culture.

  • Learn practical coaching leadership approaches and practice these with each other.

  • Surface the common leadership challenges faced today and get simple and eye opening ways to address these.

  • Become a better manager through more effective one to one meetings and powerful delegation.

As a result of this workshop you will free up time for more important work. Your team members will see you as more relaxed and open. You will also feel better prepared for any team leadership situation and more confident in your leadership practice.

Included in the programme are three follow up coaching sessions that can help you build coaching leadership into your organisation over time. You will receive strong leadership support and challenge for making a real difference.


The programme models coaching leadership approaches and includes follow up coaching with the presenters. 

$2950+GST per person (Full workshop and three coaching sessions)


Jan Robertson's expertise focuses on professional learning and leadership development. In particular, her work in leadership coaching and boundary breaking leadership development has highlighted the importance of self-awareness and knowledge of others in leadership. Jan brings more than 30 years experience to her work internationally. Previous positions include Director Educational Leadership Centre and Associate Professor at the University of Waikato; and more recently the Director of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education.

Internationally recognised and accredited Coach, Loretta Brown, specialises in the development of wisdom and leadership. In thousands of hours of conversation with executives in all sectors, Loretta knows individual, team and organisational leadership challenges inside out. Loretta is Director and Lead Coach of the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre. Previous positions include Corporate Programme Director of the New Zealand Leadership Institute, University of Auckland, Business School.

Duration:  2 days + followup
Available:  In-house