Licensing Training

Licensing Training

A cost effective way to spread the benefits of NZCMC training through large organisations, using your own learning & development team.

The New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre has developed a portfolio of train the trainer programmes and training courseware that enables organisations to provide world class training courses for staff.

Benefits of internal trainers using NZCMC programmes within the organisation are

  • High Quality: 
    We keep ourselves up to date with international trends and practice. You benefit from our expertise and access leading edge information and materials
  • Effectiveness: 
    Use tried and tested courses that have been designed by expert trainers and ensure maximum skills development for the time invested
  • Quantity: 
    Make it feasible to roll out the training to all corners of the organisation
  • Consistency: 
    Ensure the training delivers the same message no matter where it is delivered or who the trainer is
  • Cost Savings: 
    Realise significant savings on travel for your people, training fees and development time
  • Resources: 
    Deliver a professional programme with expert train-the-trainer training and courseware
  • Flexibility:
    Have your facilitators deliver the programs when and where you want
  • Focus: 
    Ensure consistency of delivery and courseware across your training sites
  • Programme customisation: 
    You are the expert on your organisation and your people’s needs. We can work with your internal to tailor the program to fit the culture, participant needs, policies and strategic objectives of the organization.

The following programmes are available for licensing for internal delivery within your organisation:

  • The Mentor’s Toolbox – developing effective mentoring relationsips
  • Making the Most of Mentoring – a half day course for mentees
  • The Power of Peer Coaching – 7 tools for coaching groups
  • The Power of Peer Supervision – 7 tools for supervision or mentoring groups
  • Coaching Skills – essential tools for coaching at work
  • Peer Coaching Skills – essential tools for coaching at work
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills – enhancing leadership and learning

Contact us to discuss your training requirements. 

Public Course & Event Payment Terms

An invoice will be sent when you register for any course or event. All fees must be paid in full to attend. 

A 2.5% surcharge applies for payment by credit card.