CCS Disability Action - a mentoring programme with a difference


CCS Disability Action are launching a mentoring programme for their members in the disability community.

This programme will be a first in Aotearoa / New Zealand - where disabled people have training in mentoring to support and mentor other disabled people.

The mentoring programme has been sponsored by CCS Disability Action and championed by an enthusiastic Ruth Jones with assistance and co-facilitation from the NZ Coaching & Mentoring Centre who are delighted to be part of this ‘leading the way' initiative.

CCS Disability Action was funded last year to facilitate a more intensive mentoring programme for twenty disabled people as mentors. Those selected as mentors had attended leadership training, are now actively taking leadership roles within their communities and organisations and have a high level of motivation to support other disabled people to take leadership of their own lives.

The feedback from the mentors has been fantastic. Stewart Haig ,a CCS Disability Mentor, said " I enjoyed attending the two workshops because they were very challenging and made me more confident with mentoring others. Using the mentoring model helps me listen and give the right responses to others. ".

Wendy Baker, NZCMC director, who last year trained the 20 Mentors for the programme was equally enthusiatic, "It was humbling and inspirational to work with a group of people who were so focused on using mentoring skills and approaches to enable other emerging disabled leaders to build on their strengths and design plans to take leadership of their lives and in their communities. Nothing got in their way - they launched into whatever exercises I devised with gusto to mentor within a disability rights framework."

During April mentees on the programme will be trained and will meet their mentor for the first time and it is in that moment the 2011 CCS Disability Action Mentoring Programme will be launched.