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Feedback Made Easy

Developing your skills as a feedback giver and receiver

This workshop is for managers, leaders and anyone else who wants to become really good at handling feedback conversations.

The ability to receive feedback is just as important as the ability to give because in reality what happens to feedback is entirely in the hands of the receiver. This workshop will help take your feedback skills to whole new level by developing your skills as both a giver and a receiver.

On this practical workshop, you will learn how to:

  • understand the human responses that come in to play in a feedback exchange

  • listen to feedback without getting triggered

  • ensure you take the learning out of the feedback

  • get the best out of feedback regardless of how it is given

  • manage difficult conversations and give feedback in ways that maximise the chances of uptake by the receiver.

The workshop is packed full of practical tools and strategies that you can use immediately.

Comments from participants

Incredibly useful and practical - should be compulsory for every manager and their teams

“Relevant for my conversations with my colleagues and clients”

“Funnily enough by being a better receiver I can be a better giver of feedback”

Duration: 4 hours
Group size: max. 20
Available: Public course / In-house