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Feedback Made Easy

Developing your skills as a giver and a receiver

The ability to receive feedback is just as important as the ability to give because in reality what happens to feedback is entirely in the hands of the receiver. This workshop will help take your feedback skills to whole new level by developing your skills at both giving and receiving feedback. For managers, leaders and anyone else who wants to become really good at handling feedback.

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Beyond Busy

Bringing leadership into every day

This practical workshop will give you time to examine the cultural and personal drivers of 'busy'. It will help you recognise the impact of busyness on yourself and your leadership and show you how the power of purpose can help you become less reactive and more proactive in your work and life. 

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Women in Leadership

Developing the critical skills to step up and lead with confidence

Your organisation knows it is time for more women to step up to higher levels of leadership. There are women with tons of potential, yet they seem reluctant to put their hand up.

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