Workplace Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Expertise to build internal capacity for coaching and mentoring.

Mentoring and workplace coaching programmes have a proven track record of fast tracking development by providing opportunities for individuals to focus on their aspirations and be supported in developing their existing skills and knowledge.  Mentoring engages your greatest resource – your own people – and that offers a real competitive advantage.

Mentoring programmes require clarity of purpose, need to be well designed and have mechanisms for ensuring that they offer high value for time invested to all those who participate.

The New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre has assisted a diverse range of clients to establish successful mentoring and workplace coaching programmes. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to mentoring and workplace coaching programmes.  We take lessons from the field to provide clients’ with a tailored solution that

  • ensures the programme is fit for purpose

  • gets participant buy in

  • gains support from senior management

  • ensures the essential success elements are attended to

  • help avoid the common pitfalls

  • provides the best possible outcomes for the mentees, the mentors and the business of the organization

NZCMC skills and experience means you can have a tailored world-class mentoring programme through a consultancy style that works beside you on the design and implementation phases and also provide training with a comprehensive manual for both mentors and mentees.

We work with and internal person or project team to 

  • Clarify the goals of the mentoring programme

  • Design the mentoring programme and ensure it is fit for purpose and aligned with existing performance management practices

  • Develop guidelines to enable the smooth running of the programme

  • Assist the team to present/promote the programme to key stakeholders in the organisation

  • Train mentors and mentees

  • Review the programme with mentors and mentees once it is up and running

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring programme to provide information on outcomes

As the New Zealand representative on the board of International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment (ISMPE) NZCMC is at the leading edge globally and employs the ISMPE principles and guidelines as a basis for our work.

Contact us to discuss how a mentoring programme might be of value to your organisation.