Leadership Development

Mix and match leadership development modules that can be customised for your unique context and development budget.

NZCMC specialises in customised coaching and leadership development solutions that take into account the unique characteristics of the organisation, its people and its development budget.

The goal is to build sustained leadership capacity across the organisation in a phase by phase development process - leveraging timely review and feedback mechanisms. This allows a leadership development programme to be co-designed to be of greatest relevance and impact for your group.

  • PHASE ONE: Executive Team Development

  • PHASE TWO: Senior Manager Development

  • PHASE THREE: Middle Management Development

  • PHASE FOUR: Coach development for internal coach leaders in your organisation

The NZCMC leadership development approach

Leadership is a mindset and set of behaviours that need to be lived at every level of the organisation. We believe that everyone has the potential to step into leadership from where they currently stand.

Coaching approaches to leading, equip people at every organisational level with a development orientation and the simple skills to practice leadership in every situation, fundamentally changing the culture over time to one of reciprocity, learning and collaboration.

We offer a blended approach to development, prioritising action learning and experiential approaches that are based on day to day, real life challenges in context.

Leadership development modules

  • MODULE: Managers as coaches

  • MODULE: Leaders as coaches

  • MODULE: Managing change

  • MODULE: Managing performance

  • MODULE: Managing conflict

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