Coaching for professional women who need a confidential sound board and space to refocus

Women can feel isolated and have few supports due to the seniority and busyness of their roles. With little time or desire to attend networking events.

It is hard to nurture friendships and your family probably don't fully understand the complexity of what you have to manage.

You need someone in your corner

You might be facing tricky dynamics and would welcome different ideas and strategies

You might be doubting some decisions or the direction you have taken during a challenge

You would like to feel more energised and inspired again 

If you are an influencer and a decision maker, an executive, or a professional then you will be feeling a crunch.

You may not be at breaking point, but you know that things could be better.

For women who want to do more than just cope

For women who are turning frustration into new results

For women ready to lead big change without sacrificing themselves or their families

You need a leadership coach who intimately understands the pressures and problems faced by executive women

STABILISE yourself amidst the pressures, then take your leadership to another level

Get executive CPR to get back on track and feel less like you are going crazy

Move past old roadblocks and feel more confident again

Ensure you prioritise your family, friends and keep your precious health

Find the courage to break away from traditional routines, to break free of the restraints of the corporate environment, to deliver better results for us all

Coaching will be the thing that changes your career trajectory

Not focused on “fixing” you, making you adapt to the old rules. Progress is made when women embrace their role of rethinking the way that business gets results. 

Explore your current challenges, sift through options and get into effective action

Stop burning out from perfectionism, old assumptions and outdated expectations

Be less buffeted by things coming at you

"I have been coaching brilliant women for over 25 years. I know the limitations and the blocks you face on an everyday basis. I have seen inspiring; capable women like you, struggle to work within outdated corporate models. It's time!"  ~ Loretta Brown 


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"I highly recommend Loretta, having someone to talk to who could help me reflect on my leadership and plan approaches to some of the challenges I faced was hugely beneficial. As a new CEO I really appreciated her reassurances and guiding approach. Loretta had a great ability to help me unravel an issue to reveal the core components and then package it back up as a planned course of action."

Claudine Young,
CEO, Canteen

Get in touch with Loretta to arrange a confidential no obligation chat to see if you are coaching ready.

Women and Leadership Case Studies


Andrea was great in her role. She enjoyed the job and her team. She saw herself as a integral part of the group but not as CEO material. Andrea said that she loved being second in command and making stuff happen for her CE.

But over the past 6 months Andrea realized that others were getting the good projects to run, were being chosen for opportunities to lead high profile industry events. Andrea realised she was left working hard on runnning the place! Andrea began to feel fed up but wasn’t sure how to change things.

With Loretta she began challenging her assumptions about “working best behind the scenes” and that she wasn’t leadership material. In coaching Andrea developed the confidence to ask for what she needed more and to say no to work that shouldn't be offloaded on to her. Andrea got comfortable with being more visable and she contributed more stragetically. Andrea's particular breakthrough came one day when she heard herself saying “I could lead this place so much better!” Andrea is now working with search firms to identify her first CEO role.


Maria arrived at coaching a little unsure of what she wanted to achieve. She knew she was frustrated with her colleagues and her CEO. She was even considering leaving her organisation.

As she talked with Loretta, Maria began to see how she was showing up less powerfully than she could in her most strategic meetings. Maria says she is now more willing to raise issues and be more vocal, and she cares less about what people think.

Maria says it feels as if she has moved beyond a passive mode and is finally able to offer more creative solutions than she had in the past.