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11 May 2018 by Richard Spilg

When asked, most Chief Executives won’t hesitate to tell you that their employees are their organisation’s most important asset. And it’s great when those sentiments translate into authentic actions, especially in the most testing times. Like when costs need to be cut, and significant redundancy programmes implemented.

26 April 2018 by Aly McNicoll

Peer group coaching addresses some of the challenges organisations face in providing coaching to all those need it including the availability of skilled and qualified coaches who know the business plus the resources it takes - both time and money - to ensure coaching is available to all.

3 March 2016

NZCMC director Loretta Brown is quoted in the Stuff article by Rob Stock. 

Executives may appear to be effortless leaders, born to the task.

But many have honed their leadership abilities through investing in "leadership development" training.

And the reasons they do it may surprise you.

1 May 2015 by Loretta Brown

A guide to finding more meaning in work and life

“I don’t know what I am going to do next.”

11 February 2015

 When you've got a team depending on you for answers, where do you go to get some of your own? Leader Connect Groups combine the benefits of coaching with the power of peer-to-peer learning.

Loretta Brown, our principal coach and leadership expert, is offering facilitated leadership coaching groups for women.

16 September 2014

In the recent years and particularly in the past 18 months or so, many organisations have been taking a close look at the way they approach coaching and mentoring. They are driven by two reasons. One is that the economic climate has put every discretionary spend under the microscope of value for money and return on investment. The other is the recognition that, while coaching and mentoring do contribute significantly to performance, employee retention and other influencers on the bottom line, they could contribute much more.

12 August 2014 by Loretta Brown

“I wish I could buy some more confidence!” my friend said when she was contemplating starting her own business. She felt terrified and not very sure of her ability and chances of success.

I didn’t say anything then, but it reminded me of feelings that arise every time I want to do anything new outside my comfort zone. I delude myself that once I feel more confident I will start. And then nothing seems to happen!

27 May 2013 by Aly McNicoll

Aly McNicoll, New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre director, interviews Dr David Drake from his home in Sydney, about his upcoming Narrative Design Labs workshop in Auckland on 20-22 July 2013, and the narrative coaching approach in general.

9 May 2013 by Aly McNicoll

A recent article in ‘Psychology Today' magazine stated that 82% of new leaders derail because they fail to build sufficient connections with subordinates or peers. This can mean they feel like they have to go it alone with challenges, when in fact help could be close at hand.