Supervision Courses

Making The Most of Supervision

This training provides an introduction to supervision for supervisees, and helps them make the most of this powerful professional development process.


By the end of this training participants will be able to

  • define supervision, the roles of the supervisor and supervisee and the benefits of the process

  • identify their own learning style and learning goals for supervision

  • clarify expectations of the supervisor and the organisation

  • determine how to use supervision to enhance their own reflective practice

  • participate in a supervision session as a supervisee.


This training provides a positive introduction to what is an extremely useful process and creates ownership and engagement on the part of the supervisee. It offers supervisees a chance to clarify what is expected of them and ask questions about the purpose and process of supervision as well as see a supervision session in action.

The course covers

  • Supervision - definitions and foci

  • The roles of the supervisor, supervisee and the organisation

  • Issues and challenges in supervision for supervisees

  • Learning styles

  • Goals for supervision

  • What to bring to supervision sessions

  • Supervision in action

Duration:  1 Day
Group size:  max. 20
Available: In-house