Training Courses

Head, Heart & Gut: Coaching Using Multiple Intelligences

Presented by Dr Suzanne Henwood

Recent neuroscience research has revealed that we have complex, functional and adaptive neural networks, or 'brains', in our heart and gut regions as well as in our head. This practical, one day workshop provides an introduction to this exciting new field plus practical tools for working in depth with clients through helping them access insights and understandings previously outside of their awareness. 

This workshop will

  • Provide an overview of the latest science and research behind the three brains

  • Explore the three prime functions of each of the 3 brains and show how this is  relevant to coaching

  • Explore how the three brains communicate in practice

  • Provide you an experience of communicating with your three brains to get insight into a real issue

  • Provide a practical exploration of some of the tools which facilitate access to insights and understandings from head, heart and gut intelligence

  • Show a simple Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress.

The course is presented by international trainer and facilitator, Dr. Suzanne Henwood from mBraining for Success (

Dr. Suzanne Henwood is the Director of ‘mBraining4Success’, a company dedicated to teaching people how to use their multiple intelligences in leading, coaching and managing. She is a health care professional by background, working for over 20 years in development, education and research to improve health service delivery. Her PhD explored professional development and the impact on practice. She is a qualified mBIT master coach, an academic and has contributed to a number of texts on Neuro Linguistic Programming. Suzanne runs a certificated course in mBraining Coaching plus teaches internationally in this specialist area.

Duration:  1 day
Available:  Public course