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Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Helping Others Succeed

If you need to get better at sharing your expertise or helping others succeed, this one day coaching and mentoring skills workshop is for you. It looks at the differences between coaching and mentoring, shows how to think and act like a natural coach and provides you with practical tools for a range of developmental conversations.

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Leaders as Coaches

Developing People & Performance

Learn to think and act like a natural coach on this practical one day course. Great for anyone who has to get things done through others or wants to get the best out of the people they lead. Walk away with a 4 step tool for coaching conversations and a 5 step tool for those difficult conversations where you have to ask people to do things differently.

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The Power of Peer Coaching

A team based approach to mentoring and coaching

Combine the benefits of one to one coaching with the power of peer to peer learning by setting up peer coaching groups in your team or organisation. This highly interactive course provides you with a complete system for peer group coaching - bring along your own group or team up with other participants to find out how peer group coaching can help you maximise your potential.

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Women in Leadership

Developing the critical skills to step up and lead with confidence

Your organisation knows it is time for more women to step up to higher levels of leadership. There are women with tons of potential, yet they seem reluctant to put their hand up.

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Head, Heart & Gut: Coaching Using Multiple Intelligences

Presented by Dr Suzanne Henwood

Recent neuroscience research has revealed that we have complex, functional and adaptive neural networks, or 'brains', in our heart and gut regions as well as in our head. This practical, one day workshop provides an introduction to this exciting new field plus practical tools for working in depth with clients through helping them access insights and understandings previously outside of their awareness.  

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