Stuff: Executives fight 'Common Imposter Syndrome'

  • Submitted on 3 March 2016

NZCMC director Loretta Brown is quoted in the Stuff article by Rob Stock. 

Executives may appear to be effortless leaders, born to the task.

But many have honed their leadership abilities through investing in "leadership development" training.

And the reasons they do it may surprise you.

Loretta Brown, an executive coach from the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre takes executives through 6-18 month "journeys" involving periodic one-on-one sessions.

The executives she works with aren't in need of formal skills. They've reached a level of seniority where those are a given.

What they are seeking is to overcome the things about themselves that are holding them back- the executive "derailers".

Sometimes they come with a deep sense of what is known as "common imposter syndrome" where they feel like imposters masquerading as leaders.

Others realise their behaviour is butting up against what is acceptable, and are seeking to become the men and women their organisation needs them to be.


For some the urge to develop is driven from a deep need for meaning.

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