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Beyond Busy

Bringing leadership into every day

This practical workshop will give you time to examine the cultural and personal drivers of 'busy'. It will help you recognise the impact of busyness on yourself and your leadership and show you how the power of purpose can help you become less reactive and more proactive in your work and life. By using the Beyond Busy model - 6 strategies for bringing leadership back in to every day - you will develop a personal plan that will enable you to make the internal or external shifts you need to make the most difference. There will be opportunities to reflect and learn from each other as we address this critical leadership issue and you will walk away with renewed resolve for getting leadership back in to every day.

The course covers

  • Busy is killing leadership – the impact of busyness on individuals and organisations

  • The internal and external drivers of busy

  • Shifting the mindset

  • What’s going on?

  • Changing your belief system

  • Learning to say ‘no’

  • Workplace practices – something has got to give

  • The Beyond Busy Model – 6 strategies for getting beyond busy

  • Dive deep groups and personal action plans